How to Edit Free Vector Images in PowerPoint

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Arrangements to Edit Free Vector Images

Vector pictures dislike bitmap pictures that depend on pixels. Vector pictures utilize a numerical recipe to draw the pictures onscreen. That is the reason they generally look quite fresh when scaled.

How to Edit Free Vector Images in PowerPoint

This cycle works a similar path as though you were ungrouping cut workmanship in PowerPoint. Here’s the ticket:

  • Ungroup the .EPS record. Right-click on the picture and select “Ungroup.” Vector pictures are regularly comprised of various gatherings of shapes so you may need to ungroup the gatherings a couple of times.
  • Alter the picture as though it were some other shape in PowerPoint. Change tones, position, and so on
  • Gathering the picture when you’re finished altering it. Select it, right-click, and select “Gathering.” That’s it.

Bonus Tips to Edit Free Vector Images

  • Accelerate your gathering and ungrouping utilizing console alternate ways in PowerPoint. CTRL+G bunches chosen shapes and CTRL+Shift+G ungroups them.
  • Save the picture to use in different applications like Storyline or somewhere else. Right-click and select “Save As Picture.” I typically save as .PNG. I likewise save the PowerPoint document on the off chance that I need to roll out extra improvements as it were.

Potential Issues If You Edit Free Vector Images

Generally, ungrouping .EPS documents in PowerPoint functions admirably. Nonetheless, it separates if the shapes are made of angles and not strong tones. The picture beneath shows the when of an ungrouped record in PowerPoint. Ungrouping that picture makes around 8500 individual shapes. All things considered, it’s likely not worth playing with it. Know more about What is a vector image, why, and how can you use it?



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